How to Buy an Induction Cooker

In today’s world of variety, we are surrounded different sort of induction cookers with great features. In a way it is good but in a way, it is difficult to understand the quality of an induction cooker.  Usually, a buyer looks for a cheaper and durable induction cooker. But that’s contradictory cheap price can’t always be best. Cooking is an essential part of our daily lives so it is essential to buy a good induction cooker. I personally like prestige induction cooker. It comes with all the great features with it. I will get back more on that in some time. But for now, let’s see some of the good points we must bear in mind before buying induction cooker for our home or office.

Features to consider before buying an induction cooker

Actual Wattage (Power)

Usually, the induction cookers available in the markets are powered by 200W but in reality the actual it is powered as low as 900~1350w. But you can only feel it when you actually use it. It delays the whole process and generally not user-friendly.

And these induction cookers are not that good for daily as they use low ceramic plates which on frying cracks the glass and the vessel with time. All these points make this kind of induction cooker not worthy enough to buy at all.

Top Quality Plate

If you’re looking for a good quality induction cooker which is durable, qualitative and lasting then always look for the top quality plate. Always go with plates that are A grade German crystal plate. Prestige induction cooker also comes with a great cooking plate quality.

Induction coil quality

The other great feature you must look into is the coil quality of the induction cooker. Usually, the low-quality induction cooker uses low watt, coil, and plate which means all the low-quality components. These types of induction cooker are not at all advisable to buy as they will not serve the purpose of cooking. And, any sort of fluctuation in the power will create issues with an induction cooker.  And, it will not also cook the food the way you expect.

The Induction Cooker Body Quality

The body of the product matters a lot as cooking is something that we do on a daily basis and if the body is not good then chances are the product will not last for long.

I hope these points will help you buy the best induction cooker for yourself.

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